Faraday Challenge

Our F2 students have participated the ‘Faraday Challenge Day 2019’ organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Macau Anglican College. This annual IET Faraday Challenge is an engineering-based competition for students to design, create and promote the best solution to a given real-life challenge. Warmest congratulations to our students on being awarded the Second and the Third prizes. Congratulations to the students and teachers!


Second Prize
    F2B  Charmaine Mak
    F2B  Catarina Leong
    F2B  Cherry Hoi
    F2B  Rachel He
    F2B  Joan Fong
    F2B  Gigi So


Third Prize
    F2A Yoyo Cheong
    F2C Cherry Ho
    F2C Angelica Wong



    Ms. Olivea Lou

    Mr. Laurence Chan