English Club



Catarina Gaspar


Eunice Wong (P5C)

Wandy Chao (P6A)

Joan Mak (P6B)

Apple Lao (P6C)


1. Cope with the English standard as foreign countries by doing practices.

2. Apply English when sharing their ideas about different topics or giving a movie review.

3. Further motivate students to apply the use of English in all aspects using theme-based topics like Halloween event or Valentine’s event and cultivate their interest in English.

4. Build up the confidence of the students in speaking English and let them realize the importance of using English through fun activities such as exploring different countries with their little passport.


1. Do different IELTS exercises which are provided online to increase their standard in Listening and Reading.

2. Visit library and read newspaper or short stories together.

3. Play Pictionary to improve their vocabulary and students will be asked to make their own dictionary to jot down the words that they don’t know when they encounter them through the activity.

4. Enjoy English movies together and share some movie reviews in English.

5. Visit restaurant and get some take-away menu from different restaurants, learn the English names of the dishes and order food in English.

6. Hold English speaking events like PTA game day, MC for Primary Choral Recitation Contest.

7. Join the inter-school Choral Recitation Contest and Speech Contest.

8. Make use of the little passport given to them to learn about different foreign countries.