The Young Apostles



Miss Teresa Cheong

Miss Monica Ng



Lewina Ho

Kimberly Ian

Pulcheria Mui

Celestina Wong

Carmela Tang

Gwen Tam

Ellie Vong

Ausilia Vong




The Young Apostles is a catholic society set up in 1986. Its members include all of the catholic students of the school. The spirit behind is to live out the gentleness, goodness and sacrificing spirit of Jesus in their daily life. Besides, the Young Apostles serve the Lord by spreading the Good News of God’s unconditional love that He is our loving Father who is always by our side. They take part in organizing religious and formative activities in school and hold weekly meeting.



Current Year Objectives:

1.To enhance spiritual growth of members

2.To cooperate within the group

3.To possess strong sense of identity as a young catholic student

4.To spread the good news of God

5.To develop a love for religious arts