St. Magdalene Social Work Club


Advisor in charge

Ms. Carmen Lei


Ms. Rebecca Chong

Mr. Ken Lok


Names of Officers


Vincy Kong (F. 5D)


Amy Choi (F. 5A)

Vice President

Yeda Lei (F. 5A)

Vice President

Minnie Lou (F. 5A)


Zoe Tang (F. 5C)


Rita Lei (F. 4D)


Tiffany Chao (F. 3A)


Coco Chao (F. 3A)

Art Designer

Kylie Ngai (F. 3A)

Art Designer

Kristy Ngai (F. 3D)

Art Designer



The goal of the St. Magdalene Social Work Club is to encourage students to take part in social activities and arouse social concern in them. Through charitable activities, the Club aims at raising funds in order to help the needy while the officers can have the chance to train their leadership skills and to improve their interpersonal skills and communication skills.


Officers and members of the Social Work Club accompanied the elderly to work out and have a walk near the area of the Taipa Houses.



 Students listened to a talk about the rights of the disabled delivered by the Fu Hong Society.



 The Club raised a great fund through the annual event, the Lucky Draw.



 Officers and members of the Social Work Club joined the Charity Walk organised by the Macao Daily News Readers Charitable Foundation on 13th December, 2015.



The Club held a walk on 27th February to raise fund for helping the needy and those who are mentally handicapped through local charity organisations.



Officers and members of the Social Work Club participated in a charity walk held by Oxfam.




 On 7th March, a group of Form 5 students visited Escola Luso-chinesa De Coloane to get a chance to interact with the mentally retarded students.



On 9th July, our officers visited an elderly home and expressed their love and care towards the elderly through games and performances.