Secondary Science Club



Mr Chris Ao

Ms Flora Ng

Ms Olivea Lou



Beverly Leong

Winnie Kuan 

Theodora Lau

Sammi Yiao

Joey Ao

Sunnie Leung

Jennifer Ao Ieong

Coco Cheong

Karena Lai

Sammi Kuan

Kayla Lam

Katie Lou



Science is closely-related to our lives. In order to enhance our students’ interest in science, our school established the Science Club in 2004.

Through these years, we were striving to achieve our aims—to arouse students’ interest in science and let them learn science in different perspectives.

We provide various experiments, competitions and visits for both junior and senior members. Through these activities, our officers and members can learn science in a concrete way and apply the knowledge to their everyday lives.

Science Club is led by three advisors with the help of fifteen student officers, including one president, two vice presidents, three secretaries, three propagandists, two treasurers and four function coordinators.

Our officers assist the advisors in organizing activities. Through this, our officers do not only build a better foundation and become more enthusiastic about science, but also help in developing leadership, cooperation and confidence in them.





Members can have more chances to perform various kinds of experiments. In this scholastic year, we have tried out DNA extraction, invisible ink etc. This strengthens members' knowledge and gives them more opportunity to do experiments than they could normally have in class. Furthermore, members have also joined competition outside the school such as the solar car competition, the paper plane competition to apply what they had learnt in the classroom and gain experience. Apart from experiments and competitions, we also have visits outside with our members frequently. In May, we have visited the Hong Kong Geopark. This visit allowed members to learn more about Geology and Environmental issues. These activities made us united as one.

Through Science Club, members are able to get in touch with more science knowledge and dig out the interesting factors of life Science.