Friends of Jesus

(Primary School Religious Education Group)



The Primary School Religious Education (RE) Group will be led by two teachers to form the “Little Friends of Jesus” and “Friends of Jesus” Groups, consisting of lower and upper Primary School Catholic students respectively.  These Groups will organise regular gatherings and various religious activities to cultivate students’ faith, hope and love in God.  This would naturally develop students’ team spirit and expose them to the Catholic faith and life.




♦ Organising hymn singing and liturgical dancing for students to praise God with their body, mind and spirit
♦ Organising religious games to develop students’ team spirit
♦ Teaching students diversified means to be focused when communicating with God
♦ Creating religious handwork, e.g. the Cross, angels, praying boxes and bookmarks, etc., to develop students’ imagination and creativity, remind them of God’s love for us and foster students’ relationships with God
♦ Watching religious videos to introduce God to students in a relaxed manner
♦ Organising pilgrimage activities, e.g. visits to churches, processions and Stations of   the Cross.
♦ Organising internal school religious activities, e.g. Christmas/Easter events and memorial service of the Canossian foundress, etc., to increase students’ knowledge of God as well as the Catholic faith and teach them the importance of being grateful and sharing with others.